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Building off our tempo back squats from last Wednesday to start our day.

Conditioning to follow, as the heart of our training day.
Interval training, and our final 3 x AMRAP 5:00 piece before the Open.
In “Sole Cycle”, we’ll be completing barbell-facing burpees, power cleans and biking, with the challenge being to finish a single round inside each AMRAP 5.

Body Armor to finish.



200-150-100 Meter Row
After each set:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Superman Rocks
2 Inchworms
3 Barbell Good Mornings
3 Hang Muscle Cleans
3 Empty Barbell Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Cleans

On each round, steadily build in load on the barbell. Given how we have hang muscle cleans as the second movement, our loading will be limited, and should be limited. From another angle, aim to build to somewhere between 30-40% of your 1RM power clean.


Back Squat (7 second descent, 3 second pause in bottom)

Building upon last week.

5 Sets of 2 Repetitions
*7 second descent, 3 second pause in bottom.

This is a very slow, and lengthy squat repetition – and fully intended to be so. Leveraging time under tension to our advantage, we can pull a potent stimulus from these repetitions at controlled weights. All percentages below are based off our 1RM Back Squat. All repetitions are also taken from the rack.

Set #1 – 63%
Set #2 – 65%
Set #3 – 67%
Set #4 – 69%
Set #5 – 71-74%, based on feel.


Specific Primer for “Sole Cycle”
Working in reverse order, starting with our Part #3 barbell load.

1 Round, with low intensity:
5 Barbell-Facing Burpees (focusing on footwork)
5 Power Cleans (Part #3 loading)
:45s Assault Bike

Rest as needed, followed by 1 Round with moderate intensity:
4 Barbell-Facing Burpees
4 Power Cleans (Part #2 loading)
:30s Assault Bike

Rest as needed, followed by 1 Round with workout intensity:
3 Barbell-Facing Burpees
3 Power Cleans (Part #1 loading)
:15s Assault Bike

With our starting weight on the bar, rest 4:00 after the final primer round, and begin.

Soul Cycle (3 Rounds for reps)

3 x AMRAP 5:00’s, resting 5:00 between:

“Sole Cycle” Part #1
15 Barbell-Facing Burpees
21 Power Cleans (155/105)
27/21 Calorie Assault Bike

Rest 5:00

“Sole Cycle” Part #2
15 Barbell-Facing Burpees
21 Power Cleans (135/95)
27/21 Calorie Assault Bike

Rest 5:00

“Sole Cycle” Part #3
AMRAP 5:00
15 Barbell-Facing Burpees
21 Power Cleans (115/80)
27/21 Calorie Assault Bike

Three separate scores, all being total repetitions.
All rounds have the same repetitions per round, with only the weights changing.
Males – 1 round totals 63 repetitions.
Females – 1 round totals 57 repetitions.

In “Sole Cycle” we have three intervals of an identical repetition scheme. What changes between the rounds is the loading on the barbell. Reducing in load over the three AMRAP’s, our aim is to keep the intensity high despite the fatigue.

Finishing a full round inside these windows will be challenging. Naturally the bike will be a longer effort, given the inevitable fatigue that will be present from the previous work. Stimulus wise, we are looking for the following loads on the barbell:

Round 1 – A weight we could complete 15+ repetitions unbroken with, when fresh.
Round 2 – A weight we could complete 20+ repetitions unbroken with, when fresh.
Round 3 – A weight we could complete 25+ repetitions unbroken with, when fresh.

As we approach the first round, with our heaviest barbell, we still want to consider sets. Although fast singles may be the method of choice in most workouts with this loading, we want to get outside our comfort zone and string together repetitions. The sets do not need to be large, with 6-5-5-5 being a strong option. But if we turn to fast singles, the act of chasing the bar around can easily consume more seconds than we want to give up here.

The burpees and the bike are the constants of the workout. A methodical, breathing pace on the burpees is our aim, focusing on our footwork and rhythm to our breathing betw
between repetitions. These reps do not need to be fast, but they need to be efficient. On the bike, allow a brief recovery period as we bring the bike up to speed. As the wattage climbs slowly but steadily. Sprinting as we get onto the bike often doesn’t have an effect until several seconds later, despite our efforts. This is often why the “first calorie” seems to take so long. The monitor needs a moment to catch up. Let’s use these moments as a brief composure period where we can recover for a faster pace as we settle in.

Much of the workout will be spent on the bike, so our intensity absolutely matters here. Even a small wattage difference over the course of this amount of calories can be a significant time difference. Using the clock to our advantage, we can make judgement call on the bike based on how much time we have remaining in the five minute window. Naturally, if we are able to make it back to the burpees, we do not want to exhaust ourselves here with a hard push on the bike. But if our round will end on the bike, it’s now a matter of how hard can we push.

Body Armor

Metcon (No Measure)

Part A)
5×5 Bench Press, ascending to a five-rep heavy.
After each set, Max Strict CTB Pull-Ups

Part B)
100 Banded Good Mornings – (http://youtu.be/7S-WOwmPY8E)
100 Banded Pull-Aparts – (http://youtu.be/VHRiIjvHJpY)

On the bench press, we are looking to build steadily to a 5-Rep heavy for the day. Immediately after each set, complete a single set of Strict CTB Pull-Ups, banding as required so that we are able to find at least 5+ repetitions per round. We are looking for the added range of motion today, in chest contact. Following, rest as needed between sets, aiming to be between 2:00-3:00 per.

On Part B, we have accessory work. Choose a band that allows for at least 50 repetitions to be unbroken if we went for it, and aim to complete these totals in large, quick moving sets.

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