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Training Day Overview

“Katana” Week 2:
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Week 2 of “Katana” kicks off with 3 parts:
1. Capacity builder focused on double under and ring muscle-ups
2. Snatch focused barbell complex
3. Repeat workout from 3 months back

Capacity Builder

Warmup Set

10 Double Unders
20% Unbroken Ring Muscle-ups

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

5 Sets, Not for Time:
40 Unbroken Double Unders
40% Unbroken Ring Muscle-Ups

On today’s capacity builder, looking to complete each set of both movements unbroken
For example, if you trip at 20 double unders – start over at 0
The muscle-up percentage is based off your max set of ring muscle-ups
For example, if your max set is 10 ring muscle-ups, you’ll complete 4 unbroken each round
Rest as needed between movements to complete them unbroken

Double Unders

Reduce Reps
45 Seconds of Double Under Practice
80 Single Unders

Ring Muscle-ups

Reduce Percentage
Strict Banded Ring Muscle-ups http://youtu.be/jtmu_0qVZnk
Jumping Ring Muscle-ups
Chest to Bar Pull ups
Pull Ups
Ring Rows


Warmup Sets

Take 3-5 Sets to Build to Opening 60% of 1RM Power Snatch

Power Snatch

Snatch Complex

Every 2:00 x 5 Sets:
1 Hang Power Snatch
2 Power Snatches
3 Overhead Squats

Set 1: 60%
Set 2: 65%
Sets 3-5: Build to a Heavy Complex

Compare scores to Wednesday 6.19.19
Hold onto the barbell for all 6 reps before dropping
Rounds begin on the 0:00 – 2:00 – 4:00 – 6:00 – 8:00
Complete the 6 reps and then rest until the beginning of the next set
Percentages are based off your 1RM Power Snatch


Warmup Set 1

12 Deadlifts
9 Overhead Squats
6 Hang Power Snatches

Performed at Slow Pace with Ligther Weight
Warmup Set 2

9 Deadlifts
6 Overhead Squats
3 Hang Power Snatches

Performed at Workout Pace with Workout Weight

Bartender (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 Deadlifts
9 Overhead Squats
6 Hang Power Snatches
Barbell – 115/85


Choose a light to moderate barbell weight that you can complete the overhead squats and hang power snatches with 1 break max during the workout
This is ideally a weight that you can complete around 5 rounds with, or 1 round every 2 minutes


10 minutes in one spot, so the goal is to find a rhythm and a break-up strategy that is consistent for the duration of the workout


Although light, the deadlifts are the easiest to break since they are quick to pick up
This is where we can catch our breath a little bit for the more challenging movements that follow
Break these in 2-3 sets
2 Sets: 7-5
3 Sets: 4-4-4


This is the hardest movement to break, as breaking leads to you doing extra snatches
Try to hold on for ideally 1 set, possibly 2:
1 Set: 9
2 Sets: 5-4


This station is easier to break-up than the overhead squats, but not as easy as the deadlifts
Think 1-2 sets quick sets here
1 Set: 6
2 Sets: 3-3
After you finish this station, stay close to the barbell and just get your first set of deadlifts out of the way
This is helpful mentally, as you already take a chunk out of that next round
Compare scores to Wednesday 6.19.19

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Bryant Johnson


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