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Training Day Overview

“Katana” Week 2:
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1. Strength: On the clock Front Squat Waves
2. Conditioning: Two simple couplet workouts back to back with no rest
3. Skill: Working through some movements that we saw in last years Open – Dumbbell Overhead Lunges and Dumbbell Step-ups


10 mins or less


On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:
Set 1: 6 Reps @ 70%
Set 2: 4 Reps @ 78%
Set 3: 2 Reps @ 84%
Set 4: 4 Reps @ 78%
Set 5: 6 Reps @ 70%

Complete the listed reps and rest until the top of the next 2 minute window
Rounds begin on the 0:00 – 2:00 – 4:00 – 6:00 – and 8:00
Percentages are based off your 1RM Front Squat

Warmup Sets

Take 4-5 Sets to Build to Opening 70%

Front Squat

70% of 1RM

Front Squat

78% of 1RM

Front Squat

84% of 1RM


Warmup Set 1

Performed with Lighter Weights:
8 Calorie Row
8 Pull-ups
8 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
8 Thrusters
Warmup Set 2

Performed with Workout Weights:
6 Calorie Row
6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
6 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
6 Thrusters

Workaholic (Time)

3 Rounds:
30/20 Calorie Row
15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:
20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
15 Thrusters (95/65)


There is no rest between these 3-round couplet workouts
Looking for these 6 total rounds to take around 15-20 minutes to complete
Choose a chest to bar pull-up rep number or variation that allows you to complete the 15 reps within 3 sets
Choose a dumbbell weight that allows you to complete the 20 snatches within 2 sets
Choose a thruster weight that allows you to complete the 15 reps within 2 sets

Part 1

There is a lot of pulling involved in the first 3 rounds of this workout
On the row, focus on driving with the legs to minimize the strain on the arms
This will help you better thrive through the chest to bar pull-ups
With 45 total reps, find a break-up strategy that you can hold throughout and that minimizes time spent not moving
2 Sets: 8-7
3 Sets: 6-5-4 or 5-5-5

Part 2

The tougher movement of part 2 will likely be the thrusters
In order to set yourself up for strong sets on the barbell, move at a smooth pace on the dumbbell
If switching hands in the air is something that is going to cause your heart rate to skyrocket and force you to break the 20 reps into several sets, switching hands on the floor might be the better option
While switching hands on the floor might be slower, you’re moving the whole time and keeping the heart rate lower
Fight hard on the thrusters, shooting for 1-2 sets:
1 Set: 15
2 Sets: 8-7

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Reduce Reps
Chin Over Bar Pull-ups
Banded or Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Skill Conditioning


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Giant Sets:
100′ Single Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge
25 Hip Extensions
12 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups (24/20)

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets

Move with a purpose between these 3 stations while maintaining quality of movement
There is no scored time component score
Separate dumbbells can be use for the overhead lunge and box step-up
A strong place to start is 50/35 (K:22.5/15) on the overhead walking lunge, and 70/50 on the box step-ups
Alternate hands every 50′ for the overhead lunge and alternate legs every step for the weighted step-ups
We are looking to get the weight to our shoulders for all step-ups, so avoid holding onto by your side

Hip Extensions

Banded Good Mornings
Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

Warmup Set

With Opening Weight:
50′ Single Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge (25′ Each Arm)
6 Hip Extensions
6 Alternating Single Leg Box Step-ups

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