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CrossFit Ecstatic – CrossFit


A barbell-intensive Friday paving the way to a gymnastic-based Saturday to close our week.

Opening with two parts on the barbell:
Hang Squat Clean Complex
Jerk Complex

To finish our day, a three round conditioning piece involving a heavier power clean barbell.


2 Rounds:
21/15 Calorie Row
:15s Handstand Hold (against wall)
5 Wall Squats

5 Walkouts
:30 Alternating Samson Stretches
:30 Warrior Squats

Barbell Warmup (empty barbell)
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Presses
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Front Squats

Hang Squat Clean (3-3-3-3-3)

On the 2:00 x 5:
3 Hang Squat Cleans

Set #1 – 72% of 1RM Hang Squat Clean
Set #2 – 76% of 1RM Hang Squat Clean
Sets #3+4+5 – 80-88% of 1RM Hang Squat Clean

Based off feel on the final three sets, building to a heavy triple for the day. Aim is to complete all three repetitions unbroken on each set.

Split Jerk

Jerk Complex
Take 8:00 to build to a Heavy Complex:
6 Push Jerks + 4 Spit Jerks

A rough range we can aim for today is in the vicinity of 70% of our best jerk. Track heaviest completed complex below.


Primer for “Loose Cannon” 2 Rounds: :30s Row :30s Bike 3 Power Cleans Rest 1:00-2:00 between rounds.

On the first primer round, athlete’s choice to use a power clean loading lighter than the workout, or to start with the workout weight on the bar. Pacing wise, let’s complete the first round just like we would inside of the workout with the stimulus intentions as reference below in it’s respective part. On the second round – let’s move faster. Let’s bring our intensity especially on the rower and bike a touch higher, so that for the workout, the pace we established in the first primer round feels that much more manageable.

Following the second primer round, rest 3:00 and begin

Loose Cannon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Rounds:
3:00 Calorie Row
2:00 Calorie Assault Bike
1:00 Power Cleans (155/105)
Rest 2:00 between rounds.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a heavier barbell which we could cycle for 10+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh. Our purpose behind this effort is to metabolically tax ourselves with the row and bike, affording us the chance to train out heavier barbell cycling when fatigued.

If we do not have access to a bike today, complete as burpees over the rower. With the stimulus intentions below on pacing, these are intended to methodical, steady repetitions. Over the three rounds, we are not looking for these repetitons to amount to more than 60-75 repetitions.

Pacing wise, we do want a consistent effort across the minutes on the row and bike. In a competition environment, we would take a deeper dive into how to best place our efforts between the two pieces of equipment to maximize our score. However, as we know, we are in training. Our aim is to not to simply finish with the highest point total, but to rather reach the training objective of the day.

Let’s find a consistent effort across those five minutes (three on the row, two on the bike), and then train our capacity on the barbell.

In terms of cycling on the barbell, fast singles may be our best approach. Touch and go repetitions are absolutely a consideration to start, yet – we want to maximize the full 60 seconds. If we open with a touch and go set, but it reduces us to slower singles by the 30s mark, the juice may have not been worth the squeeze. With the larger 60 seconds in mind, let’s find a pace we can hold without needing to slow down. Recognizing that we have a full 2:00 between sets, we can approach this barbell with aggression.


CrossFit Ecstatic – CrossFit


Three parts today.
Parts #1 and #2 combine a gymnastic component with a weightlifting component.
Part #3 is a re-take on a classical benchmark, “Christine”.


1 Round:
3:00 Bike, ramping up intensity just slightly every minute.
6 Slow Scap Retractions
12 Empty Barbell Good Mornings
18 AbMat Sit-Ups or GHD Sit-Ups

2 Rounds:
:10s Handstand Hold (plus optional weight shifting)
2-3 Strict Pull-Ups


Metcon (No Measure)

Handstand Walking + Weighted Pull Ups
Not for Time:
50′ HS Walk + 5 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups
50′ HS Walk + 4 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups
50′ HS Walk + 3 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups
50′ HS Walk + 2 Strict Weighted Pull-Ups
50′ HS Walk + 1 Strict Weighted Pull-Up

Aim is to practice our walk, as we steadily build through the 5 sets of strict weighted pull-ups. Use a dip or weight belt as needed.

Modify the handstand walk in distance, or by modifying a substitute such as:
Wall Walks – (
Handstand Hold Weight Shifting (on wall) – (

**12 min time cap

Metcon (Weight)

Deadlift + Deficit Kipping HSPU
On the 2:00 x 6 (12:00 Total):
Rounds 1+2+3 – 5 Deadlifts + 5 Deficit Kipping HSPU
Rounds 4+5+6 – 3 Deadlifts + 3 Deficit Kipping HSPU

Deadlifts – Throughout all six rounds, we are looking to steadly build on the barbell. A good starting area is in the area of 65-70% for the first set of 5, increasing steadily by 3-5% each round from there. We’ll be finishing with a heavy set of 3. Not max effort, but heavy and challenging.

Deficit Kipping HSPU – Athlete’s choice here on the deficit, and much like the deadlift, we can increase the challenge as we move through the six rounds. This part is not for “score”, but let’s make a note below to ourselves how this portion went.


Specific Primer for “Kristeen” 2 Rounds: 150 Meter Row 3 Deadlifts 3 Box Jumps 100 Meter Row

Rest 1:00-2:00 between rounds. The first iteration is to be used as a walk-through to feel the unique combination of a deadlift to a box jump. The second iteration, let’s aim to settle in on our “workout pace” on the rower, and fine tune our transitions to the barbell, box, and just as importantly, back onto the rower.

Kristeen (Time)

3 Rounds:
500 Meter Row
12 Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

Rx Barbell – 225/155

A re-take on the classical benchmark, “Christine”. Originally with “bodyweight” loaded deadlifts and a separate box jump standard, we are standardizing to what we see in competition – a fixed deadlift and showing control on top of the box.

Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell load that we are very confident we could complete 15+ repetitions unbroken, when fresh. Inside the workout, we are looking for unbroken sets, or, at most, a single break on rounds 2 and 3.

Strategy wise, we first want to take a look at how we are rowing for meters. This is our pacer. We are looking for an effort that allows us to move through the deadlift and box jumps not only unbroken (or close to it), but with lightning fast transitions. It’s a pace that is a good 10 seconds slower than our 2K /500m split time.

On the deadlifts and box jumps, we take the opposite approach in terms of intensity. We want to push our efforts here, now that we’ve conserved our effort on the row. It is often surprising how many seconds can disappear in slow transitions, and there is a reason we are pacing the row… five seconds slower on a 500m row is significant effort saved, whereas five seconds in our transition to the DL bar, the box jump, and back to the rower, can move by in the blink of the eye.


CrossFit Ecstatic – CrossFit


Starting our Tuesday with the Snatch, dialing in positions with a tempo-pull Power Snatch.

Conditioning to follow, in a descending ladder of Bike calories combined with dumbbell snatches, and a Wreckbag run. Body Armor to finish.


6:00 Bike
On Minutes 0, 2, 4 – Light easy pace.
On MInutes 1-3-5 – Moderate pace, growing in intensity.

3 Walkouts
7 Slow Barbell Overhead Squats (empty)
15 GHD Sit-Ups or Abmat situps

Snatch Barbell Warmup (empty barbell)
2 Sets:
3 Good Mornings
3 Back Squats
3 Snatch Grip Presses (behind the neck)
3 Stiff Legged Deadlifts (Snatch grip)
3 Hang Muscle Snatches

Power Snatch

10 Set, EMOM for 10 mins:
1 Tempo Power Snatch

From the ground to knee level, take a full (5) seconds to slowly bring the bar into position. At the moment the bar crosses over the knee, accelerate into an aggressive extension, into a full power snatch. In the catch position, pause for a full 3-seconds.

Rest as needed between sets, but aim to keep it to 1:00 or less. Technique loads today.

Sets #1+2+3 – 60%
Sets #4+5+6 – 65%
Sets #7+8 – 70%
Sets #9+10 – 70-75%, based on feel.


Specific primer for “Full Count” 7/5 Calorie Assault Bike 6 Alternating DB Snatches 100 Meter Wreckbag Run 5/3 Calorie Assault Bike 4 Alternating DB Snatches 100 Meter Wreckbag Run

Aim is to move at “workout pace” on the bike and Wreckbag run, turning on the energy systems required to perform at our best. This is a longer rehearsal round, fully intended to break the sweat. Following this primer, rest 3:00-4:00, and begin.

Full Count (Time)

For Time:
Assault Bike Calories
After each set:
16 Dumbbell Power Snatches (50/35)
200 Meter Wreckbag Run (50/35)

If we are using a Schwinn bike today, complete 30-25-20-15-10 calories. If we are using a rower in lieu of a bike, complete the same calories as initially written, 21-18-15-12-9. Males and females complete same calories in this workout.

A descending ladder of bike calories where after each set, we complete a fixed amount of alternating dumbbell snatches and a Wreckbag run.

On the dumbbell, we are looking for an “Open”-feel load. A weight that we are very confident we can move through with at most, a single break for a short breather.

On the wreckbag, we are looking for a loading we can run with. If we do not have access to a Wreckbag or sandbag, run with the dumbbell from the power snatches.

Body Armor


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Sets of 12 – Chest Supported Row
3 Sets of 16 – Face Down DB Reverse Fly

On both movements, our aim is to use a loading that allows for unbroken sets. Free to build across the sets in loading.

3 Sets of 12 – Chest Supported Row
Placing a bench on a stack of plates, this is horizontal row where we are parallel to the floor by laying flat on the bench. Athlete’s choice to use a barbell or dumbbells.

3 Sets of 16 – Face Down DB Reverse Fly
With the bench set-up from the previous station, the DB reverse fly is executed with locked out arms. In the bottom range of motion, point your thumbs outwards, so that as we move into the reverse fly, the thumbs will point to the ceiling (into external rotation).


CrossFit Ecstatic – CrossFit


Week #3 of “Gymnasty”.

Introducing our newest CompTrain benchmark – “Bane”. A chipper that opens with gymnastics, leading into 10 rounds of a classical complex of ours, “Macho Man”.

Opening the day to start with our squat program, with a final week in this specific variation. Following, “Bane” will be our focus of effort for the day.


Rotating Stations Every 2:00 (8 mins):
Station 1 – 30/21 Calorie Row
Station 2 – 3 Slow Walkouts + 3 Spidermans per side + 15 Sit-Ups
Station 3 – 24/17 Calorie Assault Bike
Station 4 – 5 Slow Wall Squats + 5 Russian Baby Makers

Barbell Warmup (empty BB):
5 Good Mornings
5 Back Squats
5 Elbow Rotations
5 Strict Presses
5 Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
5 Thrusters

Back Squat (8-6-4)

Week #3 of our “Hatch” squat variation.

Final week with this specific repetition scheme , where we will once again increase the percentages slightly, but keep the volume the same. Next week, our repetition scheme will change.

8 Repetitions @ 64%
6 Repetitions @ 74%
4 Repetitions @ 79%

Rest as needed between sets, aiming to keep it to 3:00 or less.

Front Squat (5-5-5)

3 Sets of 5 @ 69%

Much like our above back squats, rest as needed between sets, with the aim to be 3:00 or less.


Specific Primer for “Bane” 2 Rounds: 5 Kipping Handstand Pushups 2 Ring Muscle-Ups 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Jerk

On the first iteration, use a loading that is ~70-80% of our working load for the day. Feeling through the transitions here, our aim is to move smoothy through the 5 patterns of the workout. On our second round, let’s execute with our working load for the day. Rest 3:00-4:00 following, and begin.

Bane (Time)

For Time, with a 20:00 Time Cap:
40 Kipping Handstand Pushups
20 Ring Muscle-Ups
10 Rounds of “Macho Man”

1 Round of “Macho Man” 3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Jerks Rx – 165/115

Modifications Modifying the handstand pushup volume along with the ring muscle-up counts to preserve the stimulus is always the aim. Although we are inside “direct interference” to some extent with these two movements – handstand pushups and ring muscle-ups – we still never want to be at failure, staying at the wall or rings awaiting for our ability to come back. Regardless of the repetition scheme we start with, if we are still working on the handstand pushups by the 4 minute mark, let’s move on, transitioning to the ring muscle-ups. And if by the 10 minute mark we are still on the rings, let’s move on once again to the rounds of “Macho Man”.


Introducing our newest CompTrain benchmark, “Bane”. Stimulus wise, we are looking for a barbell load that we are confident we could complete 9+ unbroken clean and jerks with, when fresh, touch and go style.

“Bane” brings back a classical CompTrain complex, “Macho Man”. But to make our way to the barbell, one must show their proficiency and capabilities through a gymnastic buy-in. Coupling a high skill gymnastic buy-in with a brute force finish, “Bane” is a challenging test where an athlete needs both capacities to find a land a strong score.

Efficiency and patience in the gymnastic portion is a focal point. With 60 gymnastic repetitions to open the workout, it’s less about the first half of the reps, and more about the second. When fatigue compounds in gymnastics, our movement can slow significantly, sometimes drastically. Recognizing that handstand pushups into ring muscle-ups can fatigue the shoulders quick, pacing our efforts here into manageable sets is a must. A challenging portion of this gymnastic buy-in is the second half of the ring muscle-up repetitions. If we can war-game our efforts to push through those final repetitions on the rings, chances are likely that we’ll clear this 60 repetition buy-in with our ideal time. When the opposite takes place, and we come to to a grinding halt on the rings after coming out too aggressively, seconds (and minutes) can slide by quickly.

Approaching the barbell, expect to be challenged here. There is much to be said about a steady grind on a single barbell. This is truly our focus here. The thoughts upon finishing round 2 or 3 may not be our proudest. This is written so we can expect those thoughts to come, and expect to overcome them. We want this to be a mental challenge – a mental battle that leaves us stronger than before. If, and only if, we embrace it.


Chipping away round by round, methodically and diligently, is our aim. It’s not 10 rounds, or 7, or 5 rounds remaining – we’re not focused on the endstate. Focus on the next round, and stay in the moment. When we’re ready to start that next round, we do. Allow our mind to fully stay present in that round, versus focusing allowing us to forecast how tired me may feel in 3 more rounds.

In breaking up this complex, a sound strategy for many is singles on the power cleans, with a brief break after the second clean. Upon the third clean, it is our aim to complete at least the three front squats. If we can move into the jerks that follow, we save ourselves another clean, but if we believe we would need to break them up here given the fatigue from the front squats, recommend dropping the bar here. Rest just enough as needed, followed by a unbroken set of jerks.

Without hesistation, let’s the get right back on the bar for two more singles on the power cleans of the next round. Take our breather after the second clean once again – but let’s get there first.


CrossFit Ecstatic – CrossFit


Deck of Death (Time)

Deck of Cards

Complete the Deck for Time
Draw cards from a standard 52 card deck plus 2 jokers. Each card drawn determines which exercise to do and the number of reps.
Suit determines the exercise:
Hearts = Push-Ups
Diamonds = Sit- Ups
Clubs = Air Squats
Spades = Box Jumps (24/20)
Card value determines the number of reps (face cards =10, Aces = 11)
Jokers = 15 Burpees
Before the clock starts pick the first card from the deck to determine what exercise to do and how many reps. Score is time is takes to complete the work dictated by all 54 cards. To minimize transition and rest you may pick all the cards in advance to determine the whole workout or have someone else choose the cards one-at-a-time before you’re ready for the next movement.


CrossFit Ecstatic – CrossFit


Three parts on our Tuesday.

1. Snatch Complex – A technique based complex, with three power snatches from varying positions each set.

2. Intervals – Bike, Burpee, Power Snatch. Challenging ourselves with a slightly heavier barbell while fatigued.

3. Body Armor, strengthening through tempo dumbbell work along with midline based static holds.


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